Writing Sessions America (WSA)

is a national singer and songwriters network designed to unite industry professionals with talented writers and/or artists for the purpose of creating a generation of music excellence, building the community, educating our members, and generating business opportunities.


To provide a platform for music development excellence through education and exposure that creates promising opportunities and fosters professional growth.

Pillars Of Success


is obtained from music development, which our members receive when they are introduced to successful industry professionals.


is created when we host meet-and-greets, mixers, boot camps, and conference calls to help our members collectively strategize their purpose.


about music is our primary focus. We want to inspire our members to get back to caring about the music itself while understanding the business process and ultimately learn to survive this ever-changing industry.


are afforded to aspiring singers and songwriters to establish and maintain a vibrant relationship with music industry elites, allowing their music to be heard while attracting the business they desire.


“Stop worrying about being famous; worry about being great.”

– Erica Campbell

Writing Sessions America #ATL Music Conference. Thank you again, Kevin Shine, for the invite. It was a blessing to meet so many talented individuals who are all striving for the same thing: to be great! I had a blast! God is good! #amen

– Jae Love Notes

I had a great time, but more importantly, a great learning experience. The workshops were the key, and I gained a lot from them. They helped me as a DJ, songwriting, and business in music. This includes myself along with others. We were apt to open up to each other and learned about each while networking and working as a family in WSAATL! #SquadUp!

- Avonne Collins

The thing about going to industry conferences is that you come back on Monday with one million ideas and not enough coffee or sleep. Tsk. We learned so much good stuff though! #WSAATL

– Daje Moore

Hearing Mathew Knowles speak was super motivation, and I needed to hear that in that moment. I knew I was where I was supposed to be.

РSeanTré Smith

I’ve never learned so much useful music BUSINESS information in my LIFE! The love and energy was epic. The talent was awesome and inspiring. It was an unforgettable experience and I look forward to the next #WSAATL event. #SqaudUp!

– Grant Singleton

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WSA provides avenues of communication and cooperation
between its members and music industry leaders.