These are answers to our most common questions.

What are the benefits of membership?
In general, WSA members receive access to specialized workshops, seminars and showcases where they can share their work and get professional feedback. Still, there are many other benefits, as listed here...

How long has WSA been around?
Writing Sessions was originally started in Chicago in 2006 and then gained momentum in Atlanta as Writing Sessions America in 2013.

What can I expect at the events?
Expect to learn what it takes to create good music and network with other singers, songwriters and producers working to meet the industry standard for quality content.

What do I have to bring when I come?
Bring your original music to play for others during our Live Radio segments and come ready to network and grow.

How many times per month do you meet?
We have various events and conference calls throughout each month.

How long are the sessions?
Usually all events last at least an hour or more.

How can I get involved in the Writing Squad?
Become a member and you will receive your invitation to join the Songwriting Bootcamp.

Can I get school or college credit?
It is possible to receive volunteer credit. Contact for additional information.

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WSA provides avenues of communication and cooperation
between its members and music industry leaders.