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Our annual Icon Awards highlight music industry moguls whose career contributions have had a transformative impact on the industry, consumers or the music itself.

Alvin and Calvin Waters ICON Awards
DJ Rogers Jr

Past winners include:

2015 – Teddy Riley, Alvin and Calvin Waters, Allen Johnston, Karen Marie Mason, Kevin “Khao” Cates, Jackie Rhinehart, DJ Rodgers

2016 – LaRonda Sutton, Mathew Knowles, Michael Mauldin, Charita Brittenum, Shaun Bless, Quinnes “Q” Parker, Tony Terry, Christopher Young, Adrian Porter, and Arlinda Garrett

2017 – Hurricane Dave, Kwanza
Hall, Lionel Ridenour, Traci Hale,
John Caldwell, Ric Ross, Johnnie

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